Sensors, measuring systems and much more

We started in 1994 to deal with sensors, since then we have been maintaining the same philosophy and the same approach: we like accurate and well-made things.

What we do
Different technologies, same professionalism

In 25 years of activity we have been able to increase our presence in the market of sensors, automation systems and video surveillance. The level of expertise we have acquired over time ensures that today we can be considered a point of reference in the sector, which allows us to guarantee advanced technical support, highly appreciated and recognized all over the world.

We are involved in many field of applications at different levels, from the single component (sensors of various types), through the finished product (cameras, measuring instruments, data acquisition cards) to complete systems (dimensional and quality control on the lines of production).

Field of applications


Our solutions for the world of automotive

Banking automation

Highly technological solutions for the Banking Automation.

CH4 monitoring – Dairy farm

GUARDIAN NG - Gascard for measuring CH4

Refrigeration Systems

Figaro Modules for Refrigeration Systems

Fire Prevention

Sensors and solution for fire detection and prevention

ATM Security

AGATHA - The solution for the security of cash handling devices.

Coffee Machines

Temperature and pressure sensors for coffee machines.

City traffic monitoring

City traffic monitoring