Our solutions for the world of automotive

Tecnosens plays a fundamental role in the automotive world, with high precision and speed solutions, which can be customized and integrated into other systems and deals with the distribution of sensors for measurement in industrial automation and the creation and development of integrated systems for customized applications.

We have been collaborating for years with companies in the automotive glass world and we are able to offer the skills of our engineers and technicians, always ready to support our customers and develop new solutions. This page features our complete measurement solutions for flat and curved glass quality inspection, which include:

  • System for measuring the shape and perimeter of curved and flat glass, even with wireless connection;
  • System for quickly identifying the spaces created between the crystals, also called mismatches, saving and analyzing the data collected with a statistical method, highlighting the parts where the glasses do not match perfectly
  • System that quickly and accurately identifies and measures all the layers that make up a laminated glass, including all the plastic ones located between the glasses;
  • System that allows you to detect the thickness of the screen printing through the use of a dedicated linear scanner.
  • System that identifies, through non-contact optical technology, the tin side of a float glass.

For further information visit our dedicated Glass Gauging website

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AirGap System - AGS

TECNOSENS AGS is a tool to identify and measure in fast and accurate way the spaces that are created among the crystals, also said mismatch. The system TECNOSENS AGS allows to save and analyze through statistic methods the captured data, hilighting the points where the glasses don't perfectly match.

Black band

Tecnosens’ Thickness Scanner allows to detect the thickness of the black band printed on car glass using a dedicated linear scanner.

Caliber WI

Tecnosens Caliber WI measures the bending of glass using LVDT technology and Wireless connection. The solution is available for off-line and in-line measurements.

Glass Gauging System

A system for measuring the shape and perimeter of glass. A wide range of solutions that integrate digital technologies both in contact and not in contact according to customer needs. These managed systems are both online and offline, a huge leap in quality in the production process, data traceability and reduction of control times.

Multi Layer

TECNOSENS MULTI LAYER is a tool to identify and measure in fast and accurate way all the layers that compose a laminated glass, including all the plastics between the glass.

Tin Side

Tin Side System identifies the tin side of a float glass using a non-contact optical technology, available directly for in-line application.