VigiLadon CS

VigiLadon CS
VigiLadon CS
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VigiLadon CS
Transit management software with license for PVxx cameras.

Centralization and transit management software with transit checks through public databases.

License available for centralization of:

  • 1 PVxx camera
  • 2 PVxx cameras
  • 4 PVxx cameras
  • 6 PVxx cameras
  • 8 PVxx cameras
  • 10 PVxx cameras
  • 12 PVxx cameras
  • 16 PVxx cameras

Extension packages are available for:

  • CS add4 (additional license for 4 more PVxx cameras in addition to the other above)
  • CS 3P 1 (additional license for 1 camera, not Tecnosens’, in the CS system)
  • CS OCR (additional license for 1 PVxx camera, without on-board OCR)
  • VHD 3G-1 (additional license for 1 gate with annexed 3G in the central server)
Public database queries
Plate reading OCR
Maximum gate number
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Field of applications

City traffic monitoring

City traffic monitoring