Custom solutions

Custom solutions
Our solutions for dedicated integrated systems
and developement of custom applications.

Our proposals are mainly addressed to the end-user: the goal is to provide high-quality, high-tech products, designed according to specific needs.
The consolidated experience over the last 25 years has made it possible to develop customized configurations, developing complex products for individual requests.

Our know-how expresses itself on a broad spectrum in the world of automation, with particular attention to the glass industry.

Tecnosens provides complete and customizable solutions for production and quality control in the hollow glass and flat glass industry, in-line and off-line.


With our solutions you can:

  • Prevent mislabeling and identify any defects in the production of glass bottles in-line;
  • Check easily the shape of a glass container, including straightness and internal diameter;
  • Measure the thickness simultaneously;
  • Check the quality of logos and writings printed on the glass container;
  • Read the identification code on the bottles;


Tecnosens offers a wide range of solutions for the measurement of shape and perimeter of curved and flat glass, that integrate digital technologies both contact and not contact, according to customer needs. These systems used both in-line and off-line allow a huge leap in quality in the production process, offering data traceability and reduction of time.

In addition, our solutions for flat glass allow you to:

  • Quickly identify the gaps created between the crystals;
  • Quickly and accurately identify and measure all the layers that compose a laminated glass, including all the plastic ones (PVB, EVA...) between the glasses;
  • Detect the thickness of the black band through the use of a dedicated linear scanner;
  • Identify, through non-contact optical technology, the tin side of a float glass;


bottle linearity air gapglass gaugingthicknessserigrafia black band