Lung Ventilators

Lung Ventilators
Fujikura Pressure Sensors for Lung Ventilators

Lung Ventilators are some of the most important saving devices when dealing with breathe diseases.
These devices must be accurate and stable in order to satisfy the strict requirements of medical field.

The ventilator provides a mixture of oxygen concentration to the patient. The purity of oxygen must be checked as well as pressure of the gas.
Fujikura, with its long experience in pressure sensors production, supplies products suitable for this specific application.

Their sensors are trustable and accurate, internally amplified and compensated by ASIC technology, available in different ranges of measure: from 1kPa to 1MPa, gauge or differential pressure.
For better adapt to mechanical needs too, Fujikura pressure sensors are available both for SMD and DIP mounting.

Fujikura Lung Ventilator