Quality control

Quality control
Our solutions for quality control

In control quality, sensors play a fundamental role. They allow to monitor the thickness, the outline and the dimensions of a surface or of a finished product, both transparent and not.

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AirGap System - AGS

TECNOSENS AGS is a tool to identify and measure in fast and accurate way the spaces that are created among the crystals, also said mismatch. The system TECNOSENS AGS allows to save and analyze through statistic methods the captured data, hilighting the points where the glasses don't perfectly match.

Bottle linearity

Tecnosens ZetaPi prevents labelling folds in production line and spots any defect. Additionally it can also run an easy and fast check of the shape of the container, including logo and thickness.

Caliber WI

Tecnosens Caliber WI measures the bending of glass using LVDT technology and Wireless connection. The solution is available for off-line and in-line measurements.

Dot Code

Every glass bottle has an identification number : Caliber Dot Scan has been created to read this code and communicate it to every control machine, in this way it is possible to understand which mold has produced which bottle and remove it in case of wear.

Glass Gauging System

A system for measuring the shape and perimeter of glass. A wide range of solutions that integrate digital technologies both in contact and not in contact according to customer needs. These managed systems are both online and offline, a huge leap in quality in the production process, data traceability and reduction of control times.


Caliber Logo Scan allows to achieve an objective measurement, with complete traceability and on 100% of the production in quality control of logos printed on glass bottles.

Multi Layer

TECNOSENS MULTI LAYER is a tool to identify and measure in fast and accurate way all the layers that compose a laminated glass, including all the plastics between the glass.