The priorities and the company mission

Company mission

In the context of the current market economy it is naturally a corporate necessity to maintain a good competitive level and generate an adequate business income capable of contributing, through self-financing, to the investments necessary for the consolidation of its position in the market.

The resources generated must also enable the company to adequately remunerate the workforce and, at the same time, the capital invested.

The shareholders, as has always been the case up until now, will be able to decide, based on their corporate sensitivity, to partially or totally allocate the share of the resources generated to reinvestment, thus contributing to the strengthening of the company's capital.

In Tecnosens it is expected that all this will happen, as established from the outset by the company’s management in accordance with the declared commitments and ethical values which, in compliance with the general principle, provide that a company is a vital part of civil society and it is called with different responsibilities to contribute to the general well-being of the community and more generally to the country system.