PM2.5 – PM1.0 particulate detection

18 Jun 2019

One of the biggest issues that afflict urban areas and industrial poles, is the growing incidence of particulates in air quality. This matter, both in inside and outside enviroments, needs to be monitored real time with accuracy. PSMU and PSML sensors by Samyoung focuses on the ultra thin PM2.5/PM1.0 particulate detection.
With a top notch technology, the detectable particle size in weight concentration value reaches over 0.3㎛. The performances of these sensors provide higher accuracy with improved sensitivity.
The UART output enables the user to control accurately the air quality measuring devices.
Choose only the best for matter of primary importance. Whether it is indoor or outdoor air quality, rely on the experience of Tecnosens and Samyoung to detect PM2.5/PM1.0 particles.


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