Sensors Division

The sensors division is responsible for company's original business.

Its activity mainly concerns the distribution of a wide range of sensors and measurement systems for physical and chemical dimensions.

Thanks to the different technologies of the traded sensors, we are able to provide technology in several applications, ranging from the industrial sector to the domestic one, from the automotive to the medical sector. The ten-year close cooperation with manufacturing companies, of which we are exclusive distributors, allows us to technically support the customer in the development of its application and in the choice of the sensors to be integrated.

Below, the product range and some of the examples among the infinite possible applications:


Field of application

Banking automation

Highly technological solutions for the Banking Automation.

Coffee Machines

Temperature and pressure sensors for coffee machines.

Multigas monitor

We have developed a platform able to control up to six gas sensors.

Fire Prevention

Sensors and solution for fire detection and prevention

ATM Security

AGATHA - The solution for the security of cash handling devices.

CH4 monitoring – Dairy farm

GUARDIAN NG - Gascard for CH4 measuring

Refrigeration Systems

Figaro Modules for Refrigeration Systems

Medical Lamps

Camera Block Sony for Medical Devices

Technical Gases Monitoring

TEC-OXY: Oxygen Measurement Solution

Lung Ventilators

Fujikura Pressure Sensors for Lung Ventilators

Smart Parking Systems

Prowave Ultrasonic Transducers for Smart Parking Systems