Our assets

Our assets
Our assets are: the know-how gained over the years and the trust of the partners and customers we have always worked with

The know how

We started selling sensors in 1994.
Today our activities are much more vast and articulated but we have always thought, since the earliest days, that it was not possible to sell things that are not known in depth. 

Many things have changed since then, things that for example no longer exist, such as products that have become obsolete over the years and have been replaced by more innovative ones like the new technologies we are dealing with today. The know-how acquired and the experience gained over the years, those have remained instead.
It is an asset that we consider important, which has grown over time and has allowed us to do new things by continuing to carry out a precise and effective technical support activity for our customers.

“In the customer's shoes”

It is not a commercial slogan but synthetically represents our way of working.In an increasingly global and interconnected market, which seems to exclude all forms of intermediation, privileging direct commercial relationships, Tecnosens has been able to play an important role thus increasing its presence in the market in which it operates.

Our business is not limited to selling components or subsystems: when required, we collaborate with customers in the different phases that contribute to the development of their new product or the application of what we sell.This is done by transferring the application know-how, participating in the design and engineering, following and supporting the customer up to the final regulatory qualification phase.

We are also in close contact with the design centers and factories of our partners to promote the creation of custom products that better meet the specific needs of our customers, ensuring continuity and punctuality of deliveries.
We have important stocks that guarantee production continuity in any case.

All this happens because our attitude is to "put ourselves in the customer's shoes".

The value of the company

If it is a common opinion that a person "applies to what he/she knows" then the value of a company is given by the whole of the professionalism of the people who work there.
We can proudly say that this is the most important asset we have and this is confirmed also by our customers and partners.

Over the years we have looked for professional figures, and we still do so, with excellent school profiles, trying to maintain a privileged communication channel with the university. We have invested in the training and specialization of the staff employed, betting on young people, on their energies and enthusiasm despite their initial inexperience.

Today all this is manifested in what we do, in R&D, in our growth dynamic, in existing collaborations with important industrial partners and in the growth and expansion projects that we see currently engaged.