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Automation Division

The automation division deals with two different activities:

  • Distribution of sensors for measurement in industrial automation where potential customers are companies operating in the automation sector that integrate these devices in the control of a production process or quality control. The technologies we deal with range from traditional to non-contact and optical technologies used to recognize physical parameters such as size, color, flow and image.
  • Realization of integrated systems for dimensional control of glass with development of dedicated applications, for the automotive sectors for the control of the curvature of the automotive glass and container glass bottles, for the measurement of stress, the detection of the shape, of the thickness and of the code of the container.

The sensors commercialized by this division are used in the industrial sector as regards the dimensional control of mechanical components, in the packaging sector and more generally in the field of automation processes of industrial measurement processes.

Shown below are some examples of the many possible applications.

Field of application

Custom solutions

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