The organization of the company

Company organization

The company is organized into 4 operating divisions, including:

  • Sensors
  • Automation
  • Fiber laser
  • Security

Each business unit operates in different markets and operating sectors.
Furthermore, each department has not only a commercial and marketing connotation, but it is responsible for the economic results produced: starting from its own business plan, an autonomous development strategy is defined using common centralized services such as, for example, the R&D and production department.

Sensors division

The Sensors division is responsible for the company's original business. Its activity mainly concerns the distribution of a wide range of sensors and systems for the measurement of different physical and chemical quantities.

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Automation division

The sensors of this division are used in the industrial sector as regards the dimensional control of mechanical components, in the packaging sector and in the industrial measuring process automation.

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Laser division

The Laser division deals with the marketing of Fujikura’s fiber optic laser sources, a Japanese company founded in Tokyo in 1885, today a multinational company with over 58.000 employees and more than 90 branches around the world.

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Security division

The Security division deals with the production of cameras and ANPR cameras. The products, designed by the company's Research and Development staff, are characterized by a high quality and performance standards.

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