R&D: Our definition of innovation

Research and Development
Innovating and creating new products is not an abstract mission, it is a necessity to guarantee the survival of the company and its possible future expansion.

We are active in the field of electro-optics, analogue and digital electronics, in signal analysis and in the development of minimum noise conditioning circuits. We are focused on the development of new equipment and systems for the measurement of different physical and dimensional quantities.
It is our intention, by exploiting the application experience gained over the years, to develop new products that support the current range of marketed sensors.

In the field of video surveillance we are committed to develop new models of ANPR cameras that allow the company to maintain, even in the future, the position of excellence acquired on the market.

We do all this because we believe that R&D, together with the careful management of financial resources, are our insurance policies that will guarantee the company its future survival and the maintenance of the current growth trend that has characterized us since our foundation.

Our R&D team is also available to collaborate with our customers and partners in the context of their development programs whenever this involves the activation of synergies or opportunities of shared interest arise.

This goes beyond the normal institutional activity that we carry out for our customers in the technical support of the products supplied.