Values and commitments

Values and commitments
Our values are the elements on which we base ourselves to manage the company and communicate with people.


We do not agree with those who think that "The business of business is business" in other words  those who believe that the social responsibility of a company is solely the increase of its profit.
We think that a company, as an integral part of civil society, cannot disregard its action from interest and general well-being but, in defining its strategies, it must integrate social, environmental and ethical concerns.
Management has explained these concepts by defining commitments and ethical behaviors that must characterize the way the company operates both in internal relations and towards external subjects such as customers, suppliers and more generally the state bodies and the community at all levels.
These values and behaviors, although not explicit in a specific document, have been the subject of discussion within the company and are shared and applied at all levels in the daily work of the company's staff.


Towards employees

The company is committed to employees to promote their professionalism, enhancing individual attitudes, also through targeted individual actions, in encouraging the involvement of individuals, according to their respective responsibilities, in decision-making mechanisms of general interest.

The company, in order to promote the spirit of individual initiative, rewards the staff, which has distinguished itself for its commitment by contributing directly to the general trend, making it participate in the economic results that the company achieves during the year.

The company is committed to maintaining a comfortable and peaceful work environment by promoting initiatives that contribute to the solidarity and collaboration of people in the workplace.

Towards customers

The company is committed to customers to activate clear and transparent commercial contracts, not elusive in the definition of the contractual clauses, respecting their contents even if this could entail charges for the company or costs not foreseen at the time of the stipulation.

The company undertakes, regardless of the signing of specific confidentiality contracts, not to disclose any confidential information concerning the client company and of which it becomes aware within the normal supply relationship. More generally, the company is committed to ensuring that the activities carried out in favor of the customer, at all levels, can contribute to its full and maximum satisfaction.

Towards Treasury and Public administration

The company undertakes to keep its employees and collaborators correct behaviour, non-evasive and respectful of the substance of the laws in force towards Treasury.

With regard to the Public Administration, the company is committed to compliance with the rules and commercial practices, respecting the rules of competition.