Field of applications

Some of the application areas in which we are present

We are aware of the market needs, so we not only support them but also try to anticipate them.

We are value-added distributors of electronic sensors, measurement sensors for industrial automation and video surveillance and perimeter protection solutions. We are leaders in the construction of products and solutions that integrate distributed technologies. The representation and distribution of specific types of products, of which we have acquired a profound technical and applicative competence, allows us to place ourselves on the market as absolute specialists in the sector, also thanks to the close and direct collaboration with the manufacturing factories of the treated articles, located all over the world, and its Research and Development offices.


Smart Parking Systems

Prowave Ultrasonic Transducers for Smart Parking Systems

Lung Ventilators

Fujikura Pressure Sensors for Lung Ventilators

Banking automation

Highly technological solutions for the Banking Automation.

Medical Lamps

Camera Block Sony for Medical Devices

CH4 monitoring – Dairy farm

GUARDIAN NG - Gascard for CH4 measuring

Technical Gases Monitoring

TEC-OXY: Oxygen Measurement Solution

Fire Prevention

Sensors and solution for fire detection and prevention

ATM Security

AGATHA - The solution for the security of cash handling devices.

Refrigeration Systems

Figaro Modules for Refrigeration Systems

Coffee Machines

Temperature and pressure sensors for coffee machines.

Multigas monitor

We have developed a platform able to control up to six gas sensors.


Our solutions for the world of automotive

Container glass

Complete and custom solutions for the production and quality control in glass industry, in-line and off-line

Quality control

Our solutions for quality control

Custom solutions

Our solutions for dedicated integrated systems
and developement of custom applications.
Laser - Fujikura EEC

Laser cleaning

Laser cleaning for rust removal, paint removal from metal surfaces

Laser welding

Laser welding on aluminium, copper, inox, and more

Laser marking and engraving

Fiber laser marking and engraving on metal (stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, gold) and plastic

Laser cutting

Fiber laser cutting and micro-cutting with reduced kerf on metal sheets (aluminum, stainless steel, brass and more)

City traffic monitoring

City traffic monitoring


Advanced perimeter control systems based on video analysis and laser technology