A path of growth, commitment and professional seriousness

About us
We have been designing, developing and producing highly innovative solutions to automate work and made life easier for our customers since 1994.

We started to deal with sensors in 1994. Since then we have grown and changed, but one thing remained the same: we still are perfectionists and scrupulous as we have always been. We like to work well and with precision, to be competent on what we sell and do, to take responsibility for our commitments and promises and have clear and transparent relationships both with our partners and our customers.
We have reinvested in the company all the resources generated over the years thinking about its future development. Stingy with our shareholders, we have grown thanks to self-financing.
Our story is all here, step by step, persevering with the same initial approach, with commitment and looking to the future, valuing strong teamwork, sharing the ethical values that characterize the company in internal relations and towards customers and partners.


Year in which the company was founded (Tecnosens srl) with a capital of 50.000.000 lire (rounded off to the start of the Euro at 26.000 Euros). The company was established to take on the exclusive distribution of the products of Figaro Engineering Inc. of Osaka, world leader in the field of semiconductor gas sensors. In a short time the new company acquires more than 50% of the Italian market in this sector.


Tecnosens S.r.l. begins the collaboration with Sixth Sense, company of the Zelleweger Analytics group, (today Honeywell Analitic) leader in the production of electrochemical cells for the measurement of carbon monoxide.
In November the distribution of ultrasonic sensors produced by Polaroid begins.


Tecnosens begins its collaboration with Fujikura Ltd company as regards the distribution of mems pressure sensors on silicon and zirconium oxide oxygen sensors. 
In the same year the company takes over the distribution of infrared gas sensors produced by the Edinburgh Instruments company.


Tecnosens enters the industrial automation sector with the exclusive distribution for Italy of Solartron Metrology company’s products, world leader in the production of linear displacement sensors LVDT (linear Voltage Differential Transformer).


The company, with a business expansion plan in mind, acquires 2000 square meters in a building located in Via Vergnano 16 in Brescia, in order to host the company's future new registered and production offices.
In that year the company extended its sales activities to the video surveillance sector by marketing professional products and systems (video cameras and video recorders) produced in South East Asia (Taiwan and Korea).
The number of active personnel of the company is 7 people (of which 5 are employees).


Renovation work begins on the new headquarters of the company in the building on Via Vergnano in Brescia.
A commercial agreement is signed with the Japanese company Star Micronics Ltd. for the distribution in Italy of acoustic components and three-axis accelerometers. The collaboration will continue for many years until the Japanese company leaves this sector.


At the end of the renovation work, in August the company moved its registered office and all its production activities to the new headquarters in Via Vergnano.
The video surveillance division of the company begins the promotion of IP devices (cameras and NVRs of Taiwanese production).
The employees of the company reache the number of 9 units, 7 of which active in the technical-commercial and administrative sector.


The company continues to grow and strengthen.

Sales reach a value of around 4.5 million euros.

The workforce consists of 19 people.


Tecnosens becomes a limited company bringing the share capital to 600.000 euros.
The number of employees is 21.
The founding members, the architect Laura Benedetti and the engineer Giovanni Franceschini respectively take on the role of Chairman of the board of directors and CEO.


The company's sensor division begins the collaboration with SONY's Image Sensing Solution division for the industrial promotion of motorized camera modules produced by the Japanese multinational.
The number of employees rises to 24.


The company's sensor division enters the optoelectronics market with the promotion of the products of the Japanese companies SHINKOH ELECTRONICS and KYOSEMI of which it assumes the distribution for the Italian territory.


The company's automation division takes over the distribution of the products of the Japanese company Santest CO LTD (magneto-restrictive displacement sensors) and of the German company Sensor Intruments operating in the field of non-contact measurement and laser pointing systems.


The sensors division starts distributing the products of the Korean company Samyoung S&C (sensors and relative humidity modules).
The automation division acquires 2 new distributions:
the Swiss company Axetris AG (mas-flow meter)
the German company Magnescale AG (linear displacement sensors).


The presence on the international market of the company's automation division is strengthened also thanks to the sale in numerous European and non-European countries for glass gauging systems produced by the company. The sales volume reached is 4.6 million euros.


Celebration of the first 20 years of the company's activity.
The automation division begins the collaboration with the French company STIL, leader in the field of dimensional measurement with confocal sensors.
Sales reach a value of around 5.5 million euros.


Tecnosens S.p.a. presents to the market the new high resolution ANPR camera with integrated OCR and motorized zoom.
The company starts a collaboration with the Fujikura ltd company for the promotion and distribution of fiber optic lasers in the EMEA area.


The company deliberates a free capital increase of 1.000.000 euros bringing the share capital to 1.600.00 euros.
The acquisition of the entire building in Via Vergnano 16 is completed to implement the business activity expansion plan for the three-year period 2017-2020. The available area passes from the previous 2.000 square meters to the current 6.000 square meters.
The renovation plan for the newly acquired areas presumes a multi-year development to allow a progressive use of the areas according to the growing needs.
The number of employees rises to 26 units divided between the various operating areas and the sales volume reaches a value of approximately 6.8 million euros.


The company expands the areas dedicated to R&D, with the creation of new laboratories for electronic design and the creation of new measurement systems.
The construction of the new laser test and testing laboratory for the qualification of new products and the support of customers in the EMEA area is started.
The increase in highly specialized human resources for R&D activities brings the company workforce to 31 units. The sales volume reaches the value of 7.4 million euros.
With the contribution of the digitalization voucher, the corporate information system was updated and expanded by virtualizing all the servers on a single hardware and implementing a new automatic backup system with geographically separated save points.


The completion of the laser laboratory and a further increase in the workforce are expected.


Tecnosens deposita un brevetto relativo ad un’innovativa tecnologia di misura non a contatto. A supporto delle intense attività di R&S, Tecnosens S.p.A. avvia alcune collaborazioni con l’Università degli Studi di Brescia ed il Politecnico di Milano, si avvale inoltre di figure di spicco provenienti dall’ambiente universitario per consulenze a carattere scientifico.

L’edificio che ospita la sede aziendale è oggetto di un articolato intervento, finalizzato a migliorare la risposta sismica dell’immobile e a raggiungere un importante risparmio energetico, oltre che a migliorarne l’estetica complessiva. L’intervento, che interessa tutti i circa 6.000mq dell’immobile, vuole essere un contributo alla sicurezza delle persone ed al rispetto per l’ambiente, valori nei quali l’azienda crede profondamente.