Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention
Sensors and solution for fire detection and prevention

Tecnosens supplies sensors for both traditional fire detection systems and solutions for innovative prevention systems.

We historically supply carbon monoxide sensors that are implemented in multi-criteria smoke detectors in addition to optical and temperature detection. The technology has led to a miniaturization of the sensors also satisfying the design needs of the smoke detector market.

New is instead the approach to fire prevention through the reduction of oxygen. The Low Oxygen systems base their principle on the elimination of one of the vertices of the "fire triangle", that is oxygen, which acts as an oxidizer. In order to make these systems efficient, an accurate control of the oxygen level is of fundamental importance, so as to keep it below the triggering threshold, but still allow personnel to work in paper archives, warehouses, data centers and other rooms at high risk of fire.

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Figaro’s TGS5141-P00 is a battery operable electrochemical sensor which offers several advantages over traditional electrochemical sensors.