Multigas monitor

Multigas monitor
We have developed a platform able to control up to six gas sensors.

The control of indoor and outdoor environmental atmosphere and of its pollutants has become extremely fundamental in several field and activities, like indoor air quality, emission from farms, control of industrial processes.

For these kind of applications is requested a flexible solution, with an elaboration and management of the collected data precise and punctual.

In order to satisfy these needs, we have developed a platform able to manage up to 6 sensors with electrochemical, NDIR and semiconductor technology.

The board, through USB, can be connected directly to PC and the reading and management of the measures can be done through two dedicated softwares (in Java and in Labview) both developed by Tecnosens.

The Multisensor is compatible with Raspberry PI which represents the perfect solution for the IoT innovations and for creating management and communication systems flexible and custom for the needs of each application.

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Multisensor Board

Multisensor board for the detection of environmental parameters (temperature, humidity and barometric pressure) and up to six gases at the same time