Laser cutting

Laser cutting
Fiber laser cutting and micro-cutting with reduced kerf on metal sheets (aluminum, stainless steel, brass and more)

How does fiber laser cutting work?

The laser cutting process is used for precision cuts on metal sheets or pipes, for example copper, iron, steel, aluminum, but also on non-metallic materials such as stoneware, paper, fabrics, cloth, wood, and plastic.

Laser cutting is a thermal process: the material absorbs the energy emitted by the laser and melts in the points where it is hit. This results in precise cuts and a kerf slightly larger than that of the laser beam. The speed of the process can also be very high (over 10 meters per minute).

The maximum thickness of the material to be laser cut varies from a few thousandths of a millimeter up to about 30 mm depending on the type of material.

Fujikura EEC  - Fibre laser cutting in Brescia

The Fujikura European Engineering Centre (EEC) is the only Fujikura Centre in Italy. Here we dispose of Fujikura fibre laser technology to create tailored solutions to specific demands and applications.

Our services include a preliminary free-of-charge feasibility analysis, laser-matter interaction studies, demo test and samples in our laboratory.

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