Technical Gases Monitoring

Technical Gases Monitoring
TEC-OXY: Oxygen Measurement Solution

Hospitals, laboratories, industrial plants need technical gases supply systems.

Oxygen is one of the most required gases and from its generation to its distribution, purity is a key element that needs to be monitored constantly.

Tecnosens produces TEC-OXY, a device which stand out for its flexibility and reliability. It can be integrated either at the oxygen generation level, at intermediate and finals stages of plants, like control and storage rooms.

Thanks to Zirconium Oxide technology, TEC-OXY ensure excellent stability and needs little maintenance over time.
The reading of O2 levels measured is practical by its digital display, besides offering useful options like the ability to set alarm thresholds.
TEC-OXY: medical gases

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Oxygen measurement module with display in various ranges between 10ppm and 96% based on zirconium oxide sensor.