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Security division

The Security division deals with the production of cameras and ANPR camera. The products, designed by the company's Research and Development staff, are characterized by a high quality and performance standards; as a matter of fact, even for these products, Tecnosens adopts the design and construction criteria used in the industrial sector, a context in which the company is active as a manufacturer of sophisticated measurement systems, installed in in the production lines in many countries all over the world.

The software solutions proposed in the field of ANPR camera are the result of a close collaboration between Tecnosens and various Public Administrations, with respect to which Tecnosens proposes itself as a sensitive interlocutor to understand not only the functionalities requested, but also the needs of easy usability of the technology.

The products are offered through certified distributors and installers, who can rely on the timely and competent assistance of Tecnosens technical personnel for all phases of the plant's life, starting from consulting to planning.

In addition to its own products for ANPR camera, Tecnosens offers a selected range of items for video surveillance and security systems, such as NVRs, IR illuminators and laser scanning sensors. In this case too, customers can count on the valuable advice of Tecnosens technical personnel who, with many years of experience and deep knowledge of technology, can support and guide the customer in choosing and qualifying the solution most suited to their needs.

Field of application