Medical Lamps

Medical Lamps
Camera Block Sony for Medical Devices

Tecnosens proudly carries on its decennial partnership with Sony, always looking for new markets and acting a key role in the most known application fields. Medical devices such as dental and surgical lamps are a clear example of instruments that most benefit from the quality of Sony FCB block cameras.

The integration of a compact and high quality block camera really makes the difference in the development of a reliable final product. Sony line up provides Full HD and 4K models with different zoom ranges and the assurance of a premium quality video solution.

Cameras also feature many different functions besides zoom, focus and calibration, which can be easily managed with serial communication over VISCA protocol.

A high demanding sector like medicals’ only requires the best standards. Sony FCB block cameras, with a 10x up to 30x Optical Zoom range, are always the best choice for the video features of dental and surgical lamps.

The key role of Tecnosens as an experienced Sony partner is crucial in the integration of these products into medical solutions. Contact us to find out more.

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