The only ANPR camera optimized for cellular network

30 Oct 2019

Tecnosens presents the new license plate reading camera developed for connection via cellular network.

The new features with high technological content introduced in the PVZoomHD-3G guarantee numerous advantages:

  • Extreme ease and speed of installation (requires only power supply)
  • It does not require communication infrastructure (with consequent savings on the cost of radio links, fiber connections, etc.)
  • Local data saving on SSD (thus avoiding the loss of transits in case of loss of  mobile connection)
  • Local video recording of the environmental camera for video surveillance reasons (BOX version)

The intelligent data management integrated by Tecnosens guarantee excellent performance in terms of system stability and speed, while guaranteeing management costs well below the market average.

At every reading event the camera sends to the central server, via cellular network, all the information on the vehicle except for the images which are, however, stored on the local memory of the camera.
Only when the user wishes to see the images of a given license plate, the central server will automatically send the images request to the camera which will send the images shot previously.
This management allows an extremely high data transmission savings.

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