Sony Cameras and Twiga Interface Boards

24 Feb 2021

4K Sony block cameras are a top notch solution for many applications. Matching them with a reliable interface board, the quality of the final result increases even more.

Twiga develops these stunning components, with very compact dimensions, that allow to obtain a fast and accurate video streaming from the block camera. The devices can interface with the camera through a simple cable and, beside the video streaming, they can also manage the camera functions, sending commands with Sony VISCA protocol.

Multiple standard outputs are available for any kind of integration: starting from a digital signal, the 4K streaming is converted to be available in HDMI, IP, 3G and 6G SDI and USB.

4K kits with Sony and Twiga products combined, find integration in a lot of different fields: for drones, surgical and dental lamps, CCTV, inspection and many others.

Tecnosens proudly partnership with these two great realities providing the solutions and the technical support to reach high quality levels.

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Sony Twiga

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