Thecla Probe for temperature and humidity

27 Apr 2021
Thecla Probe for temperature and humidity

Tecnosens presents Thecla probe, developed internally to be used in various applications where the measurement of temperature and humidity is a fundamental element.
Thanks to the use of a sensitive element with excellent performance, the probe guarantees precise measurements with an accuracy of ±3% RH in the range 20 ÷ 80% RH.

Thecla is available in two versions:
4 wires, to have the measurement of both parameters Temperature and Humidity
2 wires, to have a single parameter but chosen by the user via a onboard jumper
This allows you to choose the best solution also in economic terms.

Among the main applications we mention:
-     storage and refrigeration in the food sector
-    retarder-proof cabinets 
-     greenhouses
-     temperature control in shelters

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